Trade Articles

National Trade Publications:

Koch, P.L.  2013.  The Cold Facts About Snow Mold (Interview).  Lawn & Landscape 34(11): 68-71.

Koch, P.L.  2013.  When fungi attack!  SportsTurf 29(9): 20-23.

Koch, P.L.  2013.  Beat the summer heat, plant for snow mold!  Golfdom 69(8): 40-44.

Koch, P.L, Kerns, J.P.  2013.  Relative resistance of creeping bentgrass cultivars to dollar spot and Typhula blight.  Golf Course Management 81(1): 132 – 136. 

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Regional Trade Publications:

Koch, P.L.  2013.  Impact of spring and fall fungicide timings on the development of Typhula blight and dollar spot on golf course turfgrass.  The Grass Roots 42 (4): In press.

Koch, P.L.  2013.  Be afraid of the dark.  The Hole Notes July Digital Edition.

Koch, P.L.  2013.  Relative resistance of creeping bentgrass cultivars to Sclerotinia homoeocarpa and Typhula incarnata.  The Grass Roots 42(3):  16-22.

Koch, P.L.  2013.  Uncle!  A 2012 TDL Year in Review.  The Grass Roots 42 (2): 8-11.

Koch, P.L.  2013.  New fungicides for the turfgrass market in 2013.  The Grass Roots 42(1): 10-13.

Koch, P.L.  2013.  Don’t spray blind!  Analyzing turfgrass samples before applying pesticides can save you money.  Western Turf Magazine 12(1): 14-15.

Koch, P.L.  2012.  Don’t tune out yet.  Talking Turf; North Central Turfgrass Association Fall Newsletter 41(3): 24-25.

Koch, P.L.  2012.  Thank you Dr. Kerns!  The Grass Roots 41 (6): 8-10.

Koch, P.L.  2012.  2012 Snow Mold Research.  The Grass Roots 41(5): 6-12.

Koch, P.L.  2012.  Afraid of the dark.  The Grass Roots 41(4): 12-15.

Koch, P.L.  2012.  The incredible disappearing fungicide.  The Grass Roots 41(3): 6-7.

Koch, P.L.  2012.  Supporting the UW: Then, now, and in the future.  The Grass Roots 41(2): 16-20.

Koch, P.L., Kerns, J.P.  2012.  Winter worries of a different kind.  The Grass Roots 41(1): 6-9.

Koch, P.L.  2011.  Wait ‘til next year…a 2011 year in review.  The Grass Roots 40(6): 14-18.

Koch, P.L., Kerns, J.P.  2011.  2010-2011 Snow Mold Report.  Hole Notes 43(7). 

Kerns, J.P., Koch, P.L.  2011.  Preparing for Snow Mold Applications.  On Course October 2011: 5-7.

Koch, P.L., Kerns, J.P.  2011.  Another Fall Surprise for Snow Mold Control.  The Grass Roots 40(5): 10-15.

Koch, P.L.  2011.  Prove it!  The Grass Roots 40(4): 8-10.

Koch, P.L., Kerns, J.P.  2011.  Endocrine Disruption and Turfgrass Pesticides.  The Grass Roots 40(3): 24-27.

Koch, P.L., Maxwell, D.P.  2011.  Golf and Luxury in Guatemala: Touring a new Pete Dye Course on the Side of a Volcano.  The Grass Roots 40(2): 36-40.

Koch, P.L., Kerns, J.P.  2011.  Keystone Diseases for Wisconsin Golf Courses.  The Grass Roots 40(1): 26-27.

Kerns, J.P., Koch, P.L. 2010.  Turf Diseases of the Great Lakes Region.  UW ExtensionPublication A3187.  Revision of original publication by S.W. Abler and G. Jung.

Koch, P.L.  2010.  Summer’s Revenge, A 2010 TDL Year in Review.  The Grass Roots 39(6): 45-47.

Kerns, J.P., Koch, P.L.  2010.  Fall applications of potassium: are they much ado about nothing?  The Grass Roots 39(6): 16-17. 

Koch, P.L., Kerns, J. P.  2010.  Don’t forget those other growth regulators.  The Grass Roots 39(5): 22-23.

Kerns, J.P., Koch, P.L.  2010.  To be or not to be resistant!  The Grass Roots 39(4): 22-23.

Koch, P.L., Kerns, J. P. 2010.  Plan ahead to control snow mold this year.  The Grass Roots 39(4): 18-21.

Koch, P.L., Kerns, J. P.  2010.  Snow mold across America.  The Grass Roots 39(3): 8-11.

Koch, P.L.  2010.  What is ELISA, and why you should care.  The Grass Roots 39(2): 10-13.

Koch, P.L.  2010.  The Fate of your Fungicides.  The Grass Roots 39(1): 10-11.

Koch, P.L.,  Kerns, J.P.  2010.  Sick of summer?  Plan ahead for snow mold control.  The Hole Notes 42(7): 

Koch, P.L. 2009.  A TDL Year in Review; with weather like this, who needs a TDL? The Grass Roots 38(6): 10-14.

Koch, P.L., Kerns, J.P. 2009. Worried about controlling snow mold?  The Grass Roots 38(5): 26-27.

Koch, P.L., Kerns, J.P. 2009. When the bark is bigger than the bite.  The Grass Roots 38(4): 9-11.

Koch, P.L., Kerns, J.P. 2009. New services, same price.  The Grass Roots 38(3): 9.

Koch, P.L., Kerns, J.P. 2009. Save money this year with the TDL. The Grass Roots 38(2): 8-11.

Koch, P.L., Kerns, J.P. 2009. The Science (and art) of diagnosing root diseases.  The Grass Roots 38(1): 10-13.

Koch, P.L. 2008. My summer vacation – A 2008 TDL year in review.  The Grass Roots 37(6): 19-23.

Koch, P.L. 2008. Early season control of dollar spot on Wisconsin fairways.  The Grass Roots 37(5): 20-27.

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Koch, P.L. 2008. Disease forecasting in turfgrass…is it worth the risk?  The Grass Roots 37(3): 13-17.

Koch, P.L. 2008. Gearing up for snow mold damage.  The Grass Roots 37(2): 13-17.

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Koch, P.L. 2007.  Where did all the nematodes go?  The Grass Roots 36(1): 25-27.

Koch, P.L. 2006.  2006: The TDL year in review.  The Grass Roots 35(6): 8-9.

Koch, P.L. 2006.  The rise and likely fall of PCNB.  The Grass Roots 35(5): 15-17.

Koch, P.L. 2006.  The great Microdochium outbreak of 2006.  The Grass Roots 35(4): 19-21.

Koch, P.L. 2006.  The decline of take-all patch?  The Grass Roots 35(3): 12-15.

Koch, P.L. 2006.  So Abler’s gone…what’s next?  The Grass Roots 35(2): 11.

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Newsletter Articles:

Koch, P.L.  2013.  Rust research in progress…your help needed!  Wisconsin Turfgrass Association Newsletter 27 (1): 9-10.

Koch, P.L.  2012.  Thank you Dr. Kerns!  Wisconsin Turfgrass Association Newsletter 26 (3):  3-4.

Koch, P.L.  2012.  Sorting out Pythium on the roots.  Wisconsin Turfgrass Association Newsletter 26 (2): 5.

Koch, P.L.  2012.  Will the mild spring affect disease this summer?  Wisconsin Turfgrass Association Newsletter 26(1):  4.

Koch, P.L.  2011.  Beyond disease diagnosis.  Wisconsin Turfgrass Association Newsletter 25(3): 5-6.

Koch, P.L.  2011.  PCNB returns, but questions remain.  Wisconsin Turfgrass Association Newsletter  25(2): 3.

Koch, P.L.  2011.  When annual doesn’t really mean annual.  Wisconsin Turfgrass Association  Newsletter  25(1): 4.

Koch, P.L.  2010.  Watch out below this season!  North Central Turfgrass Association Newsletter.

Koch, P.L.  2010.  A summer to remember, for all the wrong reasons.  Northeast Wisconsin Horticulture Newsletter  33(11).

Koch, P.L.  2010.  Fine fescues among those that did not enjoy the summer of 2010. Wisconsin Turfgrass Association Newsletter  24(2): 9-10.

Koch, P.L.  2010.  Afternoon lawn care session returns in 2010.  Wisconsin Turfgrass Association Newsletter  24(1): 3.

Koch, P.L. 2010.  Fairy rings in home lawns.  Northeast Wisconsin Horticulture Newsletter 33(2): 7.

Koch, P.L. 2009.  Spend money to save money in 2010.  Wisconsin Turfgrass Association Newsletter  23(3): 3-4.

Koch, P.L. 2009.  Putting your turf to bed.  Wisconsin Turfgrass Association Newsletter 23(2): 4.

Koch, P.L. 2009.  WTA Summer Field Day to include return of lawn care workshop.             Wisconsin Turfgrass Association Newsletter  23(1): 7-8.

Koch, P.L. 2008.  New location, new format, new EXPO!  Wisconsin Turfgrass                    Association Newsletter  22(3): 4.

Koch, P.L. 2008.  What’s wrong with my Poa?  Wisconsin Turfgrass Association                 Newsletter  22(2): 6.

Koch, P.L. 2008.  Look out below this summer!  Wisconsin Turfgrass Association                Newsletter  22(1): 1, 3-4.

Koch, P.L. 2007.  Introducing Jim Kerns, your new turfgrass pathologist.  Wisconsin Turfgrass Association Newsletter  21(3): 1.

Koch, P.L. 2007.  A TDL midsummer review.  Wisconsin Turfgrass Association Newsletter  21(2): 8-9.

Koch, P.L. 2007.  The silent sod killer.  Wisconsin Turfgrass Association Newsletter 21(1): 6-7.

Koch, P.L. 2006.  Patchwork putting green problems.  Wisconsin Turfgrass Association Newsletter 20(3): 5.

Koch, P.L. 2006.  What’s eating your roots?  Wisconsin Turfgrass Association Newsletter 20(1): 2-3.

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